A Blog About Faith, Family, and Life with a Superpower?

It’s true. I have a superpower. I can’t fly, I’m quite sure bullets won’t bounce off my chest (though I’m admittedly too chicken to test the theory), and the only locomotives I’m stronger than are those that come in HO scale. My hands don’t stick to walls or sport adamantium claws, my eyes don’t shoot lasers, and while I sometimes lose my temper, it doesn’t result in my suddenly looking like Lou Ferrigno. Nevertheless, I have an ability which, if used responsibly, can have a huge impact for good in the world: I can write.

How is writing a superpower? I’ll explain that in an upcoming series of posts I wrote to inspire a high school English class. Hopefully they’ll inspire you as well.

What inspires me? What makes me want to use my superpower for good? Primarily my faith in Jesus Christ and my desire to bring him glory. Secondarily my love for my family and my desire to share their stories. Finally, my love for seeing words strung together skillfully helps me find inspiration in any great piece of writing. Given these three sources of inspiration, and the recognition that I have the “great responsibility” to use my “great power” to benefit others, this blog will consist of my “musings on faith, family, and life with a superpower.”

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