David Allen Lang is the mild-mannered Vice President of Development for Accordance Bible Software. He works at home, enjoying the constant companionship of his beautiful wife, Lisa, their five wonderful children, and their dog, Toby.

Yet this pedestrian, domestic, (mostly) quiet life conceals the existence of a superpower David cannot escape: the ability to write. Try as he might to focus on other pursuits, this passion to string words together keeps manifesting itself: in humorous tweets and blogs about his family, in Christmas letters that resemble devotionals, in unusual moonlighting opportunities, in published articles and books, and most recently, in his development of a different kind of devotional.

While at times he wishes for a simpler fate, David recognizes that he must write often and write well. After all, “with great power comes great responsibility.” He has therefore constructed this internet lair as his base of operations—that place where he can record his musings about faith, family, and life with a superpower. In this way, he intends to use his power for the benefit of all mankind.

David’s previous literary heroics include:

The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide, an illustrated dictionary of biblical places. The PhotoGuide is consistently one of Accordance Bible Software’s top-selling products.

Macs in the Ministry, a guide to using Macintosh computers in all phases of ministry (published by Thomas Nelson in 2010).

The first six volumes of The Journey to Spiritual Maturity series (published by Northland Church of Longwood, Florida).


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